Foldabrella - The Original UV-Protective Folding Beach Umbrella

Foldabrella® The Australian designed Folding Beach Umbrella is the only Travel Beach Umbrella small enough to fit into a suitcase. Lightweight and portable, the Foldabrella® folds into a small space just 72 cm long – small enough for most average sized travel suitcases.

The Foldabrella® beach umbrella canopy measures 1.8 metres across. The foil lined canopy is impervious to direct UV radiation. Supplied with a screw in base and a tilt mechanism for the canopy, the Foldabrella is both functional and versatile. Its Australian design ensures it offers effective UV shelter even in the harshest sunlight.

Now you can take your personal beach umbrella with you when you travel. The Foldabrella® folding beach umbrella fits into an aircraft overhead locker. Don’t leave it to chance whether you can hire or buy a sun canopy at your holiday destination – take your Foldabrella® with you.




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