Foldabrella Distributors

Foldabrella has been a strong seller in Europe since its launch here in 2006. This product is unique to the market and is designed in Australia for one of the world’s harshest UV climates.

The Foldabrella is ideally designed for the travelling holidaymaker, who wishes to take their product with them rather than attempt to rent or buy at their destination.

We welcome enquiries from retailers and distributors worldwide who may wish to add the Foldabrella to their range.

Foldabrellas can be purchased from our Somerset UK warehouse while stocks last for at – once deliveries. Preorders for 2018 deliveries can be placed now.

For further information please contact:

Mr Jouko Nykänen
Managing Director
Sunproof Limited
6 Ilton Business Park
Ilton, Ilminster
Somerset TA19 9DU
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1460 258040

Email: sales@SUNPROOF.CO.UK